In search of a better life” is a voyage through a situation where a sense of existence crisis creates a conflict between evolution and extinction and form a strange world in front of us.

The story is revolving around brick making factories in India where the women and their children are trapped by the socio economic system of unorganized working sector, exploited and abused by the social structure or the higher authorities. Women labour is high on demand in India considering them to have lesser stamina, unskilled and easy to be exploited, thus heavy work can easily be dispensed to them in return of low wages that is nearly nothing. Women are petrified, dominated under virile power; used to secure men’s self-esteem by physical and mental abasement. Children are not only deprived from love and care, but also would lend their hand in field or housework as merely small helps are necessary, which can add to the total outcome. Their life is so unstable, fragile and alarming that a feeling of emergency prevails in them to deal with the situation. To face the existence crisis, they either have to evolve to fit in, or they have to be extinct and disappear. Primarily this work is based on the subjugated women and children of brick making industry, their fragile life and surviving catastrophe. The story built up on a tight thin rope where a constant tug and pull through their day to day life, stimulating tension in between extinction and evolvement and creating a strange world around us. Later, somewhere in between or the other, an insight analogy urged me to encompass myself with them in my intuitive mind. At the end, I realized that I also made a journey with them – from an observer to become a part of it.