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Song of the sea

It’s out and out my personal visual diary. In relation to my childhood memory, I want to negotiate myself, through my delicate confrontation, with the life at seaside in order to find the traces of the place, where I had my first vacation at the age of five. With my fragmented and hazy reminiscence of childhood, I started to interact with the place, hoping to find myself somewhere there. These images will eventually create an essay of that searching and finding, a confrontation between the preceding and existing, the simplicity and complexity and how I perceive it. Time is irresistible, just like sea waves. Its constant back and forth ride keeps on hovering in my mind with a sheer urge to identify myself with the place that is apparently new to me, yet I am attached to. I am enjoying the journey and the process of documenting my interaction and relation with the place, which might take a new course by the end of the expedition.

On going project

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